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Thanksgiving Eating Advice Compilation and Dessert Idea

Happy almost Thanksgiving Everyone!

I have been debating about giving a brief list of nutrition tips for dealing with holiday eating, but I follow so many great dietitians on social media who have posted some great holiday eating tips that align with what I would suggest. So instead I wanted to provide you with great resources from some awesome dietitians. Not only do they have great tips for eating during this time of year but for any time of year. Check out their websites.

I hope you all enjoy the upcoming months. I’m very excited for them, but I understand where all the stress can come from. There are so many things to enjoy during this time of year. The last thing we all need is extra stress trying to make the right food choices. Remember that food will always be a part of celebrations, but it is not the only part of the celebration.

You are not cheating by eating foods you really enjoy or don’t normally eat. You are not bad for getting overly full. You are not good because you chose to skip out on certain foods. Remember it is just one day. It is a time to be thankful. At the end of the day and certainly the end of your life you will not want to think back on all these times and remember how focused on “eating the right things” you were. You will want to remember the special moments between you and your friends and family.

Here is my own Thanksgiving Food Promise I am making. Feel free to make it your own as well.

Today I choose gratitude, joy, and peace for the food I have instead of stress, shame, and guilt.

Thoughts on Overeating on Thanksgiving By:Ashley Smith RD at Freedom Nutrition and Wellness PLLC

How to Not Freak Out About Food on Thanksgiving By: Rachel Hartley RD at Rachel Hartley Nutrition

Healthy Thanksgiving and Holiday Season Survival Guide By: Robyn Nohling RD at The Real Life RD

Not Skipping Breakfast on Thanksgiving Morning By: Kylie Mitchell RD at ImmaEatThat

Intuitive Eater’s Holiday Bill of Rights By: Evelyn Tribole RD at Intuitive Eating

5 Secrets to Stress-Free Eating for the Holidays By: Martha Barnhouse RD, guest speaker at Zen and Spice

Thoughts on Overeating on Thanksgiving By:Ashley Smith RD at Freedom Nutrition and Wellness PLLC


BONUS: Here is the dessert I am making for our Thanksgiving meal- Crème Brule Pumpkin Chocolate Cheesecake bars from handletheheat.com.

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