Flourless Chocolate Pumpkin Donut Monsters

I wanted to share with you all a fun Halloween recipe to make for your kiddos (or yourself ;)). While I had full intentions to make them for my two year old, I was very excited to eat them as well.

This recipe is fun and easy because you mix everything up in a blender!! I love blender recipes! I can’t take credit for this recipe though. I found it at Yummy Toddler Food. If you have a young kids, I’d definitely recommend checking it out. It is full of so many recipes for feeding a family as well as gives good advice on raising good eaters. This is something I feel is very important and not something we always know how to do.

I’m including the link to the recipe below, and I highly encourage you to check out the other great recipes that are there as well. If you remember this granola bar recipe I posted awhile back, it also comes from Yummy Toddler foods.

While there is a focus on feeding young kids on the website, there are recipes for all ages to enjoy.

I made just two small changes to this recipe. The monster eyes were made from cream cheese and chocolate chips in the original. We used candy eyes for our monsters that we stuck on with just a little peanut butter. I also decided to give our monsters legs by cutting apple slices into matchstick shapes. I spread them out on the plate and then put the monster donut on top of it.

If you don’t have a donut pan you can also make these in a regular muffin tin. We made 6 donuts and 4 muffins.

I’m passionate about getting kids in the kitchen. What a fun opportunity this recipe provided for that! Depending on the age of your children, they can do most or all of this recipe on their own. My 2 year old helped dump the measured ingredients into the bowl, pushed the button the blender, and put the eyes on the donuts. It’s so much fun to do together.

Check out our monster donut fun, and check out right here for your own monster donut fun!



Update- This things are awesome heated up with melted peanut butter on top!! I’m thinking next time I will drizzle them with melted peanut butter as soon as we make them.

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