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What I Ate Wednesday: Saturday Edition

For this series I wanted to show a different day of eating for me. I find the weekends are the “trouble” spot for most people with eating. I think this happens for many different reasons whether you are trying to watch what you eat or not. I think it is very typical for most people to have a “cheat day” or “cheat meal” on the weekends, which causes some extra excitement about food on top of it being the weekend. My weekend eating is different than my week day eating. I think that is very common, but I recently have been more focused on mindful and intuitive eating and finding a balance in my weekend eating and week day eating.

As a reminder, this post is not meant to tell you how much you personally should eat or what you should eat. It is meant to give you inspiration of meals to try and show you the thought processes I have when choosing what, when, where, why, and how I eat.

Saturday mornings start out early for me. Not as early as week days, thankfully. Usually I am up on Saturday by 6:45 am. I follow my toddlers schedule, so I’m sure anyone with kids understands why I’m up this early and it’s “sleeping in.” We always snuggle and watch Netflix together and usually she is ready for breakfast pretty quickly. If you don’t know, I LOVE breakfast food. So the first way that my Saturday is different than a Wednesday is that breakfast usually involves a little extra time and work. It’s generally larger than breakfast during the week as well.

Today I did something a little more spontaneous than usual. I am really focusing on intuitive eating and listening to what my body is craving and needing instead of always restricting and ignoring. For a week I had thought about how good a breakfast sandwich sounded that was on a bagel or croissant. Since the craving had came in my mind several times, I decided it was time to satisfy that craving. I googled a breakfast place and found Old School Bagel Café was just 10 minutes from my house. Emmy had been asking for donut holes all week, so I decided we would both just get our Saturday morning breakfast cravings taken care of! I picked up this everything jalapeno bagel with turkey sausage, egg, and cheese. Choosing the turkey sausage was both for taste and health. I like the taste of turkey sausage and I also know it is lower in fat than regular sausage which is good for me to watch with a family history of high cholesterol. So today the turkey sausage won. I wanted to eat it while I was driving home, but I made myself wait so that I was able to sit down and really enjoy eating. Once I got home I also made a homemade latte. I love spending extra time on my coffee on Saturdays as treat for having more time to sip on it with lots of milk foam!


As I ate the bagel it totally satisfied my craving and I’m so happy I found that place. I’m already dreaming of my next visit back. I ate 3/4 quarters of the bagel and felt satisfied so I told myself “go ahead and save the rest for later.” Sometimes it’s easy to just finish something because it’s there, but it’s best to listen to your body’s fullness cues telling you to stop most of the time. It’s okay to not listen to it all the time though. About an hour later I could feel I was a little hungry and since I was about to be out grocery shopping for the next hour or so I went ahead and finished it. Delicious.

Oh I forgot I ate a donut hole before I gave Emmy the bag. (Good thing she can’t count right??)


After grocery shopping and some family time it was time to make some lunch. Saturday lunches are always pretty light and quick. We eat at the table before Kevin leaves to study for school, Emmy lays down for a nap, and I am either doing homework or in the kitchen making something. Emmy had asked for macaroni and cheese for several days, so I bought a box at the store. I used to love macaroni and cheese so I decided I would eat a small serving of it with her. I added a little plain greek yogurt to mine to increase the creaminess, tang, and protein. I had a small salad and a tuna melt on whole wheat bread. As I was eating it though I realized I was getting full about halfway through my sandwich and after I had ate my salad and mac n cheese, so I saved it for later. I ended up eating it for a snack the next day.


That afternoon my snack was a new bar that had caught my eye at Aldi several times. It was a dark chocolate mocha almond bar. Dark chocolate and coffee flavored things always sound good to me so I finally decided to give it a try. I liked the flavor but the texture wasn’t my favorite so I probably won’t buy it again, but I’m glad I finally tried it out!


I don’t have a picture of it, but at some point after this I liked homemade buttercream off of the mixer blade that I was making because what baker doesn’t at least sample a tiny bit of what they are making?? 😉

That evening was ground turkey tacos with black beans and chips and salsa. My tacos include- non fat plain greek yogurt (my favorite healthy swap for sour cream), avocado, turkey meat, 2% shredded cheese, lettuce and tomatoes. We had two types of tortilla chips because my husband loves chips and Aldi always has a bunch of chips to try. I couldn’t decide which one I wanted so I went with both.


Side note- I make really pretty tacos and these quick pictures don’t do them justice. I promise I really do.

I usually have a sweeter food in the evenings during the week but almost always on Saturday nights. I had to do a little homework that night and so did Kevin so while we sat in the living typing away on our laptops I sipped on this Ice drink which Kevin had stuck in the freezer. It literally was an icee!


After the icee and when I was needing a little treat to get me through the rest of my homework I remembered these monster oat energy bites I had in the fridge. They are so good and I highly recommend them. I also highly recommend checking this blog that I got them from in general. Kylie has great tips about normal eating and over coming disordered eating. She seems like a very talented dietitian. I made a half batch of the recipe and also added ground flaxseed and chia seeds to add some more good fats. The oats and flaxseed are also great foods for breastfeeding mommas!


So there is my Saturday! Everyone’s days look different and each individual can have a great variation between  their own days. That’s okay. Find what works best for you in making you feel best. When you avoid dieting in a way that feels restrictive you are less likely to go overboard on the weekends. I have been in that place. It usually creates a binge and restrict cycle where you feel bad on Monday for your choices all weekend so you straighten up and restrict and exercise really hard all so that you can do it again the next weekend. I find it much more mentally freeing and energizing to have a better balance between the two. While I do eat bigger and/or higher calorie meals more frequently on the weekend I focus on listening to my body with how much I eat. It also helps me to avoid mindless grazing all day which I know can be a challenge when you are home all day versus away for the day.

That’s it for today. Thanks for reading!

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