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5 1/2 Foods You Should Never Eat…

Today I wanted to share with you a quick list of 5 and a 1/2 foods you should never eat. You may have some ideas in your head of what I have put on this list, but I think most of you may be very surprised by what you actually find on here. This list hopefully will be the last list of “no” foods you will ever need to read! You’re welcome. So here we go!

5 1_2 Foods you should never eat


  1. Foods you are allergic to.- This one is pretty obvious. If  you are allergic to a food you should definitely NOT eat it. The dangers will always outweigh the benefits in this situation.
  2. Moldy foods.- Again, obvious. If a food is spoiled it is not good for you. This food is totally acceptable to call a “bad” food.
  3. Poisoned foods- Third verse, same as the first! The dangers of eating a poisoned food will ALWAYS outweigh the benefits or pleasures of eating that food.
  4. Rotted foods.- *see moldy food.* Basically any food that has a bad smell, strange color, or weird things leaking from or growing on it should NOT be eaten.
  5. Foods with things in them that shouldn’t be eaten.- Think bugs, paper, metal shavings, hair, etc. If is has something dangerous to eat and/or inedible you should not eat it!

AND 5 1/2. Foods you don’t like.- This is only 1/2 because there is an exception to this. It’s important to try new foods and to be willing to try foods. Sometimes for our health we need to eat foods that are not our favorite, but I can’t think of one food that a person must absolutely eat. If you don’t like it, don’t eat it. Be willing to try new foods and be willing to try foods over and over again! (Example- I do not like egg plant or bleu cheese. I would love it if I liked these foods. I will continue to try them every now and then and maybe some day I will like. Who knows. “It’s nebulous.” (Michael Scott quote)).

There you have it. The 5 1/2 foods you should never eat! Hopefully this list is freeing for you. There is no reason you should feel like you are eating a “bad” food if it isn’t something on the list above. You absolutely should not feel that eating a particular food means you are being “bad” or “good.” Food does not have that type power, so don’t let it!

Let go of the “good” food “bad” food lists and start listening to your body. Eat foods that make your body and soul feel good.

InkedEat foods that feed your body and soul

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