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What I Ate Wednesday: Those Hectic Days

Carbs, protein, fat! Where you at? Is that dorky to say? Yeah, probably so. That’s okay. I think I’m going to say it anyway.

Being serious though, that’s a good question to be asking ourselves when we plan our meals. Why? Because those are the 3 macro nutrients that make up our foods, and getting a balanced amount of each of them provides us with a variety nutrients that we need that you can’t get when you cut a whole group out!

This leads me to today’s What I Ate Wednesday post. I bet hectic is a word most of us use to describe our day or week on a regular basis. I’m definitely in the middle of one of those. I’ll spare the details though. The problem is, you still have to eat and if you are wanting to take care of your health, then you still need to eat a well balanced diet. On the days that are total chaos, your too tired to care, or you’re running out of groceries just remember this: your meals don’t have to be perfect and they don’t have to make sense. I call these mixed match meals.


What is a mixed match meal? It’s a meal that contains a variety of food groups, but perhaps aren’t things you would normally put together or are your absolute favorite foods. It would be nice if we could sit down for each meal and snack that was exactly balanced, well planned, and completely satisfying. Let’s be realistic though, it’s a not so perfect world and that’s totally okay. We can’t have it all together all the time.

Today was filled with mixed match for me. Last night I was tired and didn’t plan ahead as much as I usually do, so some of my meals today were a little more thrown together. Let me show you.

I don’t have pictures of my morning because I forgot it was Wednesday. (Probably part of the reason for mixed match meals today too.) Before my workout I had a package of low sugar instant oatmeal. Yum. Those things are good, I think I could eat it for dessert. I like that they are sweet, easy, and not huge.

Next was breakfast. This is a lot less mixed matched because I know what I’m having for breakfast all week long and sometimes longer than that. I will eat a similar breakfast everyday till I get bored with it. That really varies. After my workout I came home to have a small banana sliced, topped with melted cashew butter, chia seeds, and cinnamon. I also had some egg whites with cheddar cheese and seasonings. Later I had coffee with unsweetened almond milk. Breakfast is usually pretty balanced for me. There’s always carbs, protein, and fat.

I was feeling pretty hungry when I got to work, but I had some things to do before I stopped for my morning snack, so I waited. This snack was really random. I made a small protein shake with plain greek yogurt, chocolate protein powder, water, and ice. I had been having a protein snack bar, but just wasn’t feeling it today. This is sweet and I like it. Looking at it though it was a little lacking in fat, but that’s okay because I know I’ll get it during my meals.

Lunch was really mixed matched! I bought this frozen grilled sliced chicken to have as a quick lunch and it has really come in handy. I’ve used it for flatbreads, wraps, and on salads. Today I just ate the chicken. I could have added salad, but I didn’t want to spend the time and I knew salad was going to be at dinner so I just didn’t. You can absolutely eat salad for two meals in a row and sometimes I do. Today I just didn’t want to though. I threw in some baby carrots, because veggies are a must! I love baby carrots because it’s no prep and they are very affordable. For some more carbs I threw in a kiwi. I bought them last week and knew they weren’t going to last much longer, plus I was craving it. So carbs, protein, and fat included here. I also found some Zoe’s Kitchen dressing in the fridge so I sprinkled maybe a 1/4 tsp on top of the chicken. SOO GOOD!



Afternoon snack was a rice cake with peanut butter. As I threw lunch together I realized I could use some more good fats in my day today. Yay for peanut butter! I keep rice cakes on hand a lot of times. They provide a low calorie, crunchy carb for a snack. A great vehicle for peanut butter!


Dinner was very simple. I guess you can call it mixed matched if you want. The lesson from this one though is that it doesn’t have to be extravagant. Simple meals can be balanced and full of nutrition. We had chicken breast cooked on the griddle with sweet potatoes cooked in the microwave and salad. I topped my salad with a greek dressing from Zoe’s Kitchen. It’s olive oil based with provided some good fats, along with the avocado. The sweet potato provided delicious fiber and vitamin filled carbs, and the chicken provided a good dose of protein.


There you have it. A day that was a little disorganized, but still filled with nutritious food.

I’d love to know what you all think of posts like these. Would you like to see more?

What did you eat today?

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